When two pilots makes the difference. First the sabre pilot did a great job of bubbling the other side of the gate and forcing our "second wave" to approach in order to jump. While the initial wave "bait group" got jammed by their kitsune which removed a lot of dps from the field and complicated our strategy and as you can see the result was of course in their favor.

After the inital fight we had a small fight on the other side and got two of their caracal pilots but since they where in faster ships most of them manage to pull range and warp out.

GF to all involved and i guess we will see you in space :)

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Well I had a great master plan for this fight but like me being a bit eager to engage i jumped into the fight way to early. I forgot that my back up had to travel 90au which was more than enough for the baddies to kill me:( Hope the lads have good fun killing my sorry ass :)

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This was a really fun fight consider we clear the field with the enemies. The main reason was they were a bit disorganized and decided to jump the omen first into us which we dispatch quickly and then took out the blackbird followed by the rest. We where happy over a fight nevertheless since we traveled almost 30 jumps of empty systems :)

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